Sunday, 3 June 2012

Tanjung Tuan Expedition

We are on our way to Tanjung Tuan.

Oo... I am so excited.

We are gathering together to make sure everyone is here.

o... when are we going to start? I am bursting with energy!

Promoting Tanjung Tuan while waiting to get started. Ok ladies and gentlemen... Tanjung Tuan is a place where we can enjoy the scenery while jungle trekking. You can also... ...

Now we're talking... Jungle trekking!!!

Opps! My shoe lace untied. Don't want to fall  during the trip..

Walking through a narrow path at the edge of the hill. Better be careful!

We are on the top of the hill!!! 

What are you looking at?!
We continue our trip. Its getting deeper into  the jungle..

Stopped-by to read a few information about species of birds that can be found in the jungle.

Is it still far?

I'm tired...

The path is getting more challenging.

introduce you... Our physical training instructor, Mr. Sani
Ahmad, the man in orange shirt.

We are recharging before we continue our journey.

Challenge Me! The one who falls first is the loser..

Now...Its time for us to go back.. Tata


ALAM's sports month is one of the activities that are conducted in ALAM.This activity  will be held 1 month. This activity has become one of the tradition at ALAM because every years this activity will be held commonly in early year. This activity was held to release the student's tension and fill their leisure time with beneficial activity. Besides, ALAM's staff also involve in this activity. They also play the games that they want to involve. Example of the games that had in this activity is cross country, footsal, sepak takraw, tug of war and others. Then, this activity will divide the student in many group due to the amount of students.
Lastly the winner will be rewards a presents that give by Alam's chief executive officer (CEO).

Photos of ALAM's sports month


Group discussion at Resource Center. 

Group discussion during class hour.

Maths lecturer, Mr. Chua is briefing the students before they sit for their examination.

Students are entering the examination hall.

Students' sits are arranged by the lecturer.

Students learn to play scribbles during English Class with Ms. Maizura.

Group discussion during class hour.